We all know that Facebook is the unstoppable juggernaut of the Social media world.

And we are holding our breath waiting for a worthy challenger to take on the giant…

Or are we?

Personally, I think it is very much impossible to take on Facebook….for now.

There is always an Achilles Heel to the all Mighty and Strong.

What are the strengths of this social media giant and what are its weaknesses?

Let’s look at its very simple strategy from the start of its domination.

You can see it with their actions and some simple slips from their key men as early as 2013.

facebook is king quote


Facebook has been buying Tech companies ever since but they started to be aggressive since 2012.

Notable acquisitions are:

  • Instagram
  • Face.com
  • Atlas Advertiser Suite
  • WhatsApp
  • Oculus RV

This is not just vanity acquisitions but they have their own purpose to preserve the status of the social behemoth.

Face.com made the Facebook more appealing by allowing for face tagging features and making the user experience even better.

Atlas Advertiser Suite, obviously for their ads section.

Oculus RV is for the future, imagine social media on virtual reality.

Instagram and WhatsApp is well, to strengthen their social media hold and traffic.

What does it all mean for the competition?

Seems like a normal business venture acquisition and financial strategy? NOPE!

Those buying sprees and all other numerous small acquisitions thru the years are all because….


That is the bottom line.

Mark Zuckerburg doesn’t need to fix the rules in order to have a monopoly.

He just needs his quick and calculated thinking and his piles of cash.


If you can acquire and upcoming challenger or any possible innovation that will give future competitors and edge, then you don’t have to worry for a long long time.

Don’t get me wrong but Facebook dominates because they innovated, but now they are trying to buy innovations and innovators.

For now Facebook is quite comfortable knowing that innovators now think it is quite more profitable to be acquired than to master their own niche.

Innovations are what actually driving Facebook to continued power. They gobble it and use it for their own.

Innovators are happy that way.

Thinks about this… The will to survive, thrive & carve one’s own destiny”.

That is the ultimate driver for creativity and innovation.

Now it is blunted by Facebook’s “discreet” strategy.

They are currently very safe.

Until…some Brilliant Steely Eyed innovator with a WILL not to be bought and a resolve to make it big in his niche comes along, then that is the time Facebook will have his ultimate test.

We will be watching.