In the past decades, Google is the dominant online brand, but there is a creeping threat to its dominance?

Or not.

Google has been at the core of almost everything we do online.

From searching for services, products, and information.

To have a very good online map for various uses and an almost complete service attached to it…from directions, information about your online presence.

Think about the various services and products that Google has and you will understand what I am saying.

There are about 201 products, services, and tools that you might not be aware of but I will just name a few very popular ones to emphasize what I meant.

Google Search – this is their core service and product. The one that really made them the giant they are today.

Google Maps – it the platform being used by some other applications for their direction and location services.

Gmail – popular free email service from Google.

YouTube – do I need to explain it?

Chrome – who wouldn’t know about this popular web browser that a lot of people use.

Google Docs – it includes Slides (just like Powerpoint), Docs (just like Word) and Sheets (just like Excel)

Google Drive – a cloud storage similar to DropBox and ICloud.

Google Analytics – a popular tracking tool that can track website visitors and traffic and at the same time analyze the data for website owners and marketer.

Google+ – it is a social media service initiated by Google when they decided to enter into the social media fray.

Google My Business – free business listing at Google Search and Maps.

Google Allo – a Messenger type of service wherein you can do more than just chatting with text.

Google Duo – it is a service similar to Skype, it is intended to, later on, challenge it.

And don’t forget about their money machines, Adwords and Adsense.

There are a lot more small but very useful tools, services and products that Google offers to its followers and customers.

They are all there to support Google’s dominance.

But experts say….not for long.

Facebook is seriously challenging Google…SILENTLY!

For example in Google’s strongest service asset…online search.

Facebook is “beta testing” its very own in-app search functionality.

It all started when their partnership with Bing fell thru in 2014, they developed their own semi search app and functionality with a “add a link” option when users try to write a new status update.

The functionality can search the web for something related to what the users need.

It then today progressed to a more heavier search function that we Facebook user enjoy.Facebook screenshot

Above is the search bar at your Facebook account dashboard.

Then when you search for the term online marketing…this will appear.

facebook image instructions


Although this functionality is very far behind with what Google has now, it is not far fetched that Facebook can easily catch up.

It has its own stash of cash for Research and Development.

Their “go get attitude” is also top notch.

Review Functionality

Facebook is also trying to catch up with this functionality.

Reviews are very popular with business owners and searchers who want to research and look for a service or product.


Facebook instructions screenshot


Now, this is what you get if you click or choose a business page.


Facebook instructions screenshot new


You get reviews if there are any and at the same time, there are business information and a MAP for directions….just like in Google search.

Coincidence? or not?


Facebook is the new Google


Can we call that copying or just a plain case of challenging the dominant entity?

Now here is why I see a looming serious Facebook challenge to Google’s place in the online business.

And why I made the question, Is Facebook The Future Google?

Here is the reason why.

Facebook has a wide and decided advantage over Google on a very important aspect in the online world.

This could tip the tide in favor of Facebook in the future.

Facebook is far far ahead over Google in terms of USER DATA!

It has access to personal profiles and data of over 2.07 billion monthly Facebook users and counting.

That is a lot of firepower in terms of making decisions, introducing new products or improving functionality.

That is their “not so secret weapon” that can be used for any developmental projects and campaigns.

Although it would be a long time before Facebook can challenge Google head on. It is almost a certainty that it will arrive.

It will definitely come.

We have a brewing war on the horizon.