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website design , web designWebsite design covers a lot of skills and many disciplines in the creation , management and maintenance of websites. The following are the areas of web design. It includes web graphic design; interface design; authoring, including standardised code and proprietary software; user experience design; and search engine optimization

If you think it would be just a walk in the park, then maybe you are quite wrong.


Everybody can create and design a website, but the question would be a lot.

Does it serves the purpose of the website?

Is it user friendly?

Is it search engines friendly?

It the aesthetic great?

Is the design pleasing and easy to the target market or the traffic?

So on and so forth. As the project of the creation of website is on going, there will come up things and aspects that needs to be addressed.

Two major aspects of website design

  1. Front End – is the visual design or what you can actually see wgen you access a particular website
  2. Back End – is just basically web programming like coding, meta tags and other stuffs usually people don’t see.

Here is a nice video that explains simply what is web designing.


Skills and techniques of website design

  • Marketing and communication design – identifying what will work and what would be the best for its target market.
  • User experience design and interactive design – is related to layout, clear instructions and labeling on a website design.
  • Quality of code –  it should conform to standards, if not it will make website unusable or error prone, conforming to standards can relate to the correct layout of pages for readabilityand good practices.
  • Typography – website designers may opt to choose a small variety of typefaces which are of a similar styleMost browsers recognize a specific number of safe fonts, which designers mainly use in order to avoid complications.

Web designing might be a daunting task to others. It may also be a supposedly easy thing for some. The fact reamins that there are things you might not be aware of that needs to be done.

You might alos have others things to do like running the business. Give the website designing to people who can really do it well. You will reap the benefit later on.

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